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Gelang lucu untuk anak perempuan dari botol plastik bekas

🕔01:05:45, 11 Agu 2014 - Oleh : agung nugroho

Potonglah sebuah botol plastik menggunakan gunting atau paper knife. Lalu sediakan sedikit lem, benang, alat pembuat lubang (punching gun) Gunakan renda dan lihatlah hasilnya begitu menakjubkan. Aku yakin bila Sobat membuatnya maka Sobat akan . . .

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      Elton John Greatest Hits Tour

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      Festival Musik Bambu Nusantara 2012

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      Maroon Live in Jakarta 2012

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    • 14 Agu 2022 - Helen Slade

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    • 13 Agu 2022 - Krista Francis

      'Did you watch it yet?!? Yesterday I sent over a short video with a guy named Dave. That video is extraordinarily powerful (and I think you’ll absolutely love it). Watch It at I’ve seen just about everything there is to see in terms of digital marketing… And this is by far one of the most impactful videos I’ve ever seen. After you get your eyeballs on this video, you’re going to feel: - Clarity about how to create revenue online - The reason so many people get STUCK - Practical ...'

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      'have you ever tried little-known automation tools to start your business? It makes it easy for you to fully automate your passive income, quickly and easily, and it works like a charm. Try it here: The awful news is that you are seriously missing out right now by not using it… Regards P.S.: A brand new tool has just been added to ...'

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    • 05 Agu 2022 - Isidra Bullen

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